A Foundation to protect the long term finances of the Conservative Party.

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A Foundation to protect this country and Conservative values, for future generations.

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Become a Benefactor and know your legacy will make a difference.

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"Supporting the Foundation with a legacy will help to ensure the long term success of the Conservative Party for future generations."

"Supporting the Conservative Foundation is something I am just dying to do!"

"Our freedom in the country is not without cost, and I believe the Conservative Foundation will benefit future generations."

"I want a strong Conservative Party for my granddaughter - when she is a grandmother"

"The use of legacies to build an endowment fund is a very Conservative piece of wise and thoughtful long-term planning."

"I have left a legacy to the Foundation because I believe in OUR Party."

"Confronting the challenge ahead, is based on the experience of the past."

"The work of the Conservative Foundation is so vital: ensuring Conservative success for generations to come."

"The future of our Party depends on your support."

"The Conservative Party is the only Party I trust. I want to continue to support them after my death to protect this country."

"I've left a legacy to the Conservative Foundation because of my belief in the principles behind the Party, my appreciation of this tax efficient way of making a donation, and as a contribution to the future of the country."

"I have left a legacy to the Conservative Foundation for the specific good of my grandchildren and the common good of the country."

"The Conservative Foundation is the modern form of party political fundraising."

"I am proud to be leaving a legacy to the Conservative Foundation to help protect the future of our Party."

"Ensuring my children don't have to grow up under a Labour government."

"We are pleased to contribute to the long term continuity of Conservative ideals and values."

"Conservative values such as a strong work ethic, reward for effort, and self-dependency are what my father and grandfather fought for in two World Wars. Supporting that concept in perpetuity is my reason for leaving a legacy to the Conservative Foundation."

"I believe in a free market and an open fair society, where the state provides safety nets not comfort blankets."

David Ord


"The Foundation will enable the Party to have the funds in the future to fight socialism and maintain true Conservative values."

Dr K


"I am proud to be a Conservator."

Mr B


"I have been involved with the Party all my adult life because I believe their values are very important for government. I have been a Party worker and a donor and giving on my death seems to complete the task I have set myself."

"I have left a property to the Foundation, so that Conservative principles can be perpetuated after my death, and will be secured for future generations."

The Rt Hon. Baroness Virginia Bottomley


"Supporting the Conservative Foundation to protect the values that have helped make our country great."

Mrs H


"I grew up in a true blue Conservative family and Conservative values have influenced my life choices. My small legacy will help to preserve those values to benefit others long after I have gone - and it's not taxed!"